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Hi everyone,
I set up a cic a while ago to offer a free service to the skateboard community teaching for free and helping out people with free activities in a youth club setting.
The first one i set up has become very successful but i want to keep it a free club, but im looking at setting up another cic to make enough money to pay me to do it as a full time job and to use the other money to pay in and support the free this possible as a cic all the profit should go back into that business?

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Hi Dale, I may be misunderstanding the question, your original cic can be amended to suit your needs I would have thought as the cic has evolved for a voluntary status to an active business where your accepting payment as a director of your business through whatever means of payment.

Hi chris,
As ive set up the orginal cic with the reputation of being a free club i dont want that to change but can a cic have a DBA? Which would save me setting up another cic?
Thanks Dale



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