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I would like some advice on a social enterprise/cic I want to start-up. I want to utilize the mass amounts of local artistic talent in my home town by using a small space to open an art shop/open gallery.
The art will be displayed for free and the enterprise takes a percentage of the commission sold.
Part of profits (some money of every sale), buys a small bundle of art supplies in both international and local orphanages and (locally and charity) run daycare centres.

We would also fundraise and hold art auction events and online submission competitions.

Some of international day care centres and orphanages I already have links with due to previous experience. Once set up I hope to offer passionate volunteers a chance to work hands-on with these groups in an international art workshop program. They would fundraise the amount needed for this.

I love art and feel it's a positive and productive outlet, especially for young children.
I have had many experiences in working with NGOs, volunteer organizations and have experience working with Oxfam at their head of office in Oxford. Now I am ready to take my passion for charitable work to the next level, however I also need to live, so I need a wage. This is why I am thinking about setting this up as a CIC, I will be able to take out capped-interest loans, I can have as much control as I need as a social entrepreneur but I won't ever be able to able for charitable status.

So with that being said, the first thing I will need for the CIC to work is a property - somewhere to host the open art shop and gallery. I don't come from wealth nor do I have thousands lying around in the bank.
What are best ways to make this happen?
Are there companies/certain funds/support systems that help social enterprises acquire a property?
Any other tips and advice?

Much appreciated,


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