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CIC Association believe the community interest company legislation is an evolution. A legislation, brand and structure that will change the way people do business in the UK.

With 2500 CICs, the time is right to start building a member led organisation. Being a CIC presents unique opportunities and challenges, from ‘brand’ awareness to funding issues. CIC Association wants to help ensure those opportunities are fully realised

Our mission is to plant a flag in the ground, around which the CIC community can build the infrastructure needed to help us achieve that vision. We aim to be a useful resource to our members, and a positive conduit in the further development of all things CIC.

CIC Association will:

1. Be a representative body that’s relevant and fit for purpose
2. Provide CICs with information and resources that help save time and money
3. Seek views and opinions from members and other stakeholders to develop our mandate of objectives, and provide useful information to policymakers and relevant stakeholders
4. Develop the opportunities available to one of the most relevant, dynamic and exciting sections of the business community.
5. Interact with and lobby policymakers, on issues such as Brand Awareness, Investment Issues and Tax Incentives.
6. Celebrate and highlight what’s being achieved
7. Create a CIC Knowledge bank
8. Create a platform to further everything CIC

Start up objectives
1. Incorporate the Association as a CIC
2. Develop a web based network to communicate our initial objectives, attract membership and canvass opinion. Free to CICs
3. Canvass the CIC Community- in conjunction with Regulator via an online questionnaire on website. Our questionnaires will help us build a data bank which will be useful for shaping the agenda, providing info for policymakers and developing useful products
4. Establish initial contact with key stakeholders
5. Establish a small board and a given set of objectives
6. Establish a medium term growth strategy

Secondary objectives
1. Put in place a mechanism to provide the membership with an annual or bi-annual opportunity to view candidates and vote for their preferred objectives.(please see development forum to add to the debate, issuing shares and holding an online voting system with an AGM is the most innovative idea to date)
2. Quarterly newsletter
3. Put in place online Community Market
4. Negotiate discounts on products and services to offer the membership
5. Develop/Endorse/Produce relevant resources for CICs

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