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If our CIC were to get funding for a solar panel installation, would we need to pay VAT and, if so, at what rate? I understand that for a domestic residence it would be 5%, and for a company it would be 20%, but I have seen some hints that for 'charitable purposes' it could be 0%, but I can't find any clarification on this.

Just to complicate matters, it is part of a new development (offgrid), which would be 0% if domestic, but I don't know if what it would be if funded through CIC.

Can anyone shed any light on this? Thanks in advance.

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Do let us know if you get more info on this Debbie, very confusing.

I think its a reduction to 5% for charitable purpose energy use. I think an email into HMRC with your full details will help 0300 200 3700

Good luck!



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