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We've decided to get this part of the website up and running, as its a free app and a great place for us to start the conversations. Our options to develop this are to pay approx £400 to 'skin' this ning platform, which will mean we can remove all ning promotion and also replace the google ads with our own.
This will allow us to generate revenue from advertising, and also use the space to promote members to each other.
Other elements in the mix are Elgg and Serendipity (both open source software) and also to form a partnership with UnltdWorld, which is a developed version of Elgg.
Any thoughts, advice or opinions please!

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Sent a few comments to John Direct on this.

To try to get some decussion going on this important issue I will make some suggestions.

Our own networking bulitian boards and blogs Leave Ning behind and set them upourselves (I was tempted to say its not that hard but it is easy for me to say I do it all the time).

Have a directory of CIC's with what they do.

Have an events calendar with veriours events from business mettings and shows to local training (In this area there is quite alot of training for new and small business)

Canvass for more members, One of the things I did looking for CIC groups was search on line for them. I was surprised how few CIC I found with there own web sites, and only found this group and one in the southwest.

Lots we could do, we are all busy I know but its busy people who get things done.



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