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who knows everything there is to know about grants?

any have any good tips or recommendations on where to go for the best advice on grants?

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I have found that there is no 'best place' and that you can only rely on yourself. There are too many sign-posting organisations at risk of disappearing up their own alleys and actually achieving nothing but self-promotion.
Best advice (from someone who's now cheekily negotiating a £200,000 grant) is to undertake vigourous, extensive research via the net (Guidestar is good if you're proactive) and approach organisations directly; it actually saves time in the end as you remove the necessity for repetition.
Also, when it comes down to submitting a first-stage idea, be creative and don't just talk in sound-bites; let the funder see a human-side - and use props such as diagrams a picture paints a thousand words.
Terri Hills.



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