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Hi, In todays:11/2/2009:Hudderfield Daily Examiner,Yorkshire Forward. is advertising its new: Transition fund to help business around Hudderfield with a Loan? it states it is following a Grant Package worth Hunderd's of Millionns, for Iinvestment, etc.
Well 24 months ago,23/1/2007.I lost 41 years of hard work, by May 07 I had regestered: Taylor & Hobson CIC, with the help of Business link.
Today:Buiness Link, is renamed: Business Link Yorkshire, is adivitising this new funding, after Hunderd's of Millionns £'s of Grants, I would have thought an agency who had help the setup of a new company? would have informed its Directors of this Grant benifit,( we was never informed of that Grant Although it new I needed to Reiinvestment in my Tools,Plant and Stock. now its replaced by a loan. we all now? Today the Fat cats will be even Fatter on that Grant? and we call this:Great Britain.

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