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Hello and thanks for adding me in to the forum. I've set up a very new cic (incorporated last week) and have found lots of useful information and explainations here. Something I've never had to deal with before is company tax returns and HMRC. I'm looking ahead to when we need to file our first tax return and am worried to say the least. I've downloaded a copy of the paper form (we'd file online but thought the paper form version of CT600 would give an idea of what is asked etc) along with the Tax Return Guide and, honestly, have no idea what most of it is talking about.   We are going to be the tiniest of micro companies with small if any profits and very, very simple accounts. Am I right in thinking that it will be ok to simply leave blank most of the sections because they won't apply to us?   Secondly, when it requests documents to submit with the return then pdfs of our unaudited accounts and the directors report would be fine? Do other tiny micro companies manage to complete this tax return form themselves or if most companies use an accountant how much does that cost? I doubt we'd be able to afford an accountant so prefer to work out how to complete the tax return ourselves. Can anyone advise? Thank you!

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You should try an find an accountant locally who will do it pro-bono. Perhaps someone in your community with the finance experience you need can join the board?

You could also go through the process paying an accountant and learning the ropes

Hi Hilary

We normally use our own systems and software to file clients  CIC returns at HMRC.

If you check the link below it will help with filing

You're right in that most sections won't apply - it's form to cover all eventualities

Ac + report are normally fine

We do concessionary rates for small CICS 

Best wishes for it





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