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Hi there, 

I apologies in advance if I'm asking something that has been asked before. I am new to the group/site and might not have been searching in the right places. 

I am in a right pickle with HMRC and Corporation Tax. Basically our first year submission is late and we're accumulating penalties. 

While we did send off (and was subsequently received) a paper version of the CT600 they have subsequently told us this wasn't acceptable. However, we never received the notification that is wasn't acceptable and therefore we are now event later with filing it and have been hit by a second penalty. 

Interestingly, I run another CIC and my paper CT600 was accepted by HMRC. We were originally told that we had to send in a paper version since Companies House couldn't accept electronic accounts from CICs and since HMRC required these annual accounts (which would therefore be in paper format) we also had to submit in paper format to HMRC. 

So has anyone had similar experiences and inconsistencies? I am not an accountant and we cannot afford to hire one. Surely it shouldn't be this hard! Where can I go for some guidance in plain English?

Any help gratefully received! 

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Normally it is all filed online and not as paper versions. You can submit your tax return online via hmrc's website, and as you already have the figures this would be the easiest thing to do, but you will need to register for this service on their website and then wait for the password to arrive in the post.

Yep, I've got hold of the PDF CT600 and am now trying to move the figures across. Sadly, the format of the accounts that were prepared months ago, doesn't match the titles/headings used in the CT600 - the person that prepared them has moved on. Grrr! One frustration after another!!

If you send them to me I will take a look and get the figures on the tax return for you.

That would be fantastic Heidi - how can I get them to you?

Send them to Will take a look at them tomorrow for you.



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