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Hello all,

Are there any directories for accountants that specialise in CICs? I am based north of Worcester and thought I had found one in Birmingham but they have not been good in replying to my enquiries (not a good sign!) so my search starts again!

Ideally I'm looking for an accountancy firm that also offers advice and guidance with funding applications. Any suggestions or recommendations would be much appreciated.


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Hi. My name is Paul Brown - King (FCCA). Our organisation is Community Accounting North East CIC and specialise in supporting Charities, Voluntary and Community Organisations and Social Enterprises and CICs.

We are based in the North East but have clients elsewhere. We also provide support on funding and funding applications. My email is   and our website is if you wish to find out more

Hi Diane

We use so I am obviously biased. They are a CIC themselves, Birmingham based.

That's two in under 30 mins!

Are there any in Gloucestershire please? we use a local accountant, though very helpful and expert re tax etc in general, they do not know about CICs.

I am an accountant partly based in Bristol specialising in CICs and not for profit......If someone in Gloucestershire is looking I am content to help. I would also endorse Heidi who I know from the Charity Practitioners Forum!

Hi Dick, is Heidi based nearer to Worcestershire? I looked on the members list of the Charity Practitioners Forum and couldn't see a Heidi! I would really like to use a company closer to me although Im realising that may be easier said than done.

I've just realised that Heidi is the Heidi of Harris Accountancy who I am obviously now not going to use!

Thanks for the prompt replies! John, it was Harris Accountancy that I found but they missed a telephone meeting with me and have been slow to send info. I'm assuming you haven't had any problems, who is your contact there? I wondered if they had recently changed management as I noticed they converted to a Ltd company from a CIC at the beginning of the year! 

Thank you Diane

Unfortunately this is the first I have heard og it! I thought that there was a change in management and it was to remain a CIC. 

It didnt convert, as you cant convert a CIC to a LTD. What happened was Harris Accountancy CIC changed its name to Make an Impact CIC and sold its client bank to a LTD company, Harris Accountancy Ltd.

I apologise hugely for giving the wrong information,  I will message the network now and ask for all interested in offering accountancy services to get in touch with their details, and indeed confirm which ones are CIC!

Hi All,

I work for a firm that has a department that specialises in CIC's, charities and not for profit organisations. As accountant we prepare accounts and corporation tax, undertake Independent examinations, advise on bookkeeping and payroll as well as assisting with funding applications. Barretts is based in Devon but has clients around the country. The website is and my email is

Personally I set up the Chudleigh CIC to assist our local community.

Hello Diane

I have just read this and Harris Accountancy is the very same company that is 'overcharging' us!

I'm wondering if its because they switched client bank from CIC to LTD or are they just happy with pricing high rates to CICs...?

Am definitely going to recommend we switch from using this firm.

I'm really glad I asked this question before I started using them! Let me know if you find a good alternative. 

Apologies Diane, I hadnt read their email correctly and thought they had remained a CIC and it was simply Heidi that had moved on.

Heidi continues with Make an Impact CIC. As it stands it seems  is the only Accountant who is a CIC themselves.

Is there a particular issue you have concerns with? We have a great network on accountants who have helped us tackle even the most complicated issues.



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