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Dear all!

I run a small CIC with very limited funds. Our numbers are simple and we have calculated a loss for the 2 years we have been running.

Last year my family accountant did our accounts and was kind enough to waive the fee, but this year we have decided to do the accounts/tax return ourselves.

I am really struggling to fill out the CT600, and find it pointless especially because we haven't made a profit, and our numbers all show a loss. I urgently need help as our deadline is approaching (30th Sept). Is anyone able to look over my accounts and also help with a CT600? I am able to pay a small amount if need be. 

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Try CIC Accounting Services.

I am very reasonably priced and can help with mentoring your organisation.

Reduced cost Accountancy 

We are continuing with our plan to roll out a new service for CIC’s. We are looking for more CIC's that may be interested for pairing with Volunteers in March.
This will involve a team of volunteers preparing year end accounts and
corporation tax returns for CICs, for a fixed fee of £200 pa.
The team of volunteers will be supported by Social Enterprise Accounts CIC.
Any CIC’s interested in this service should email .
It is anticipated that accountants employed elsewhere will volunteer
​to help one or two CIC’s.
We will have a list of CIC’s requiring help and you will be able
to choose off it.
Please e-mail if you are
interested in more information. As a minimum we would be looking
for you to prepare the CIC’s year end accounts and
​corporation tax return. It is up to you and them if you want to help them with anything extra (e.g., bookkeeping, management accounts, attending board meetings).
Why Offer This Service?
For a lot of smaller CIC’s, the cost of having to have annual company accounts done, let alone anything else is prohibitive. This service will aim to help match up such CIC’s with appropriate volunteers who wish to help such organisations within their local community. It will also provide access to things like software for preparing accounts and tax returns. CIC specific advice, extra services not able to be provided by your volunteer and back up from Social Enterprise Accounts, we will be there should your volunteer not prepare your year-end accounts on time or similar. In short, we’ll be aiming to provide a traditional accountancy service but cheaper.



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