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At the moment there will just be one Director who also will act as the sole member. In the future there will potentially be opportunities for other Director's and members to come on board.

Should I amend the A of A to a single director/member version? Should there be a provision stated somewhere of my intentions to broaden the Director/member numbers and in in doing so, the following clauses will be implemented? Or should the A of A be adapted to a single director/member version and then changed to the standard multi director/member version once they have been appointed?

I am a little confused as to how to word the Directors chapter (part 4) of the A of A to correctly reflect this, specifically clauses:

- 11. Directors may delegate

- 12. Directors to take decisions collectively

- 13. Calling a Directors' meeting

- 16. Chairing of Directors' meetings

- 17. Decision-making at meetings

- 19. Conflicts of interest

- 20. Directors' power to authorise a conflict of interest

- 22. Methods of appointing Directors

- 28. Members' meetings

Many thanks in advance!

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