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I'm Chair of a Place Team for a town in Cheshire that has been a CIC for several years. We have an elected member of the Local Authority who wishes to join us as a Director. Their contribution would be valuable but I'm unclear about the potential conflicts of interest and questions relating to political alignment, though there would be none. If anyone is in a position to give me some advice I'd really appreciate it.

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HI Michael

Many CICs have Directors who are councillors/local authority staff so generically nothing to worry about.

Obviously the councillor will be taking on an official role to develop the objectives of the CIC and if there is a potential conflict of interest, normal strategies including the Director removing themselves from such discussions can remove the potential issue. Councillors have to follow their own code of conduct as well, if you simply google councillors serving as directors on companies you will find many resources that give guidance on appropriate behaviour.



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