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I'm making an application for an ACE bid. They ask for 'governance' documents to be attached which I understand are the Memo and Articles of Association.

For a CIC these don't actually include info about what the CIC does (ie a constitution), just how the directors organise it.

What generally are funding organisations after when they ask for the governing documents from a CIC? (I can of course ring ACE and ask but it would be helpful to know in a general sense).

Thanks, Ben

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Hi Ben

Your Community of Interest (CIC36) statement details what the activities are and who they provide benefit to. Generally they need the governing docs to ensure you qualify for their rules of eligibility. For example, many want 3 unrelated Directors or will only help certain types of CIC

Best of luck


Hi there, I'm a bit late to this thread but just wanted to add that we are an Arts organisation and regularly get finding from ACE. I've always just attached our mem and arts as PDFs to the online form and that's been absolutely fine  -the easiest bit of any application in fact, as you'll surely appreciate! :)



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