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Can you help the Association partner in this European Study? Deadline 29th July

Hi All

Please get in touch if you want to get involved in partnering in this study. If you have experience delivering this type of project it would be great to hear from you, we have some other academic plans being developed that this could be tied into.

Im on 0203 262 3044 and if you would like to discuss in more detail.


Abstract attached, loose details : your contribution as a partner of the project would involve the participation in the operational phase.
        At first you should therefore participate in the exchange of good practices taking part in the workshops which will be organized. 
        In the second phase it will be necessary to set up a search among your associates to identify the specific skills necessary to work in the CIC and nonprofit sector. 
        In the last phase, the commitment will be to participate in drafting the European Charter of the skills that will be produced by the comparison of results, and this is the main output pf the project.
        From an economic standpoint, the European Union is funding the project up to 80% of planned expenditure in the budget, so it may be necessary to search for any missing resources involving sponsors, or by tapping into your resources.
        Waiting for your feedback, we are available for any further information. Thank you for your attention and fo



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Dear Sirs


I would be very interested in knowing about this project.


Basically, we have recently established a CIC in the United Kingdom. Brief outline below. If you are oth opinion that we can assist, I would be happy to receive further information.

I work with a number of people who are supporting my efforts on a Pro Bono basis to get these projects off the ground. I propose to reply to specific queries that were raised individually below. 

  • The project is divided into three streams at this point in time. We propose to establish 3 Job Clubs in the large Borough of Barnet starting with Edgware. The other two will be in Barnet probably and another location of most need which will be identified by Market Research being done by Students from Middlesex University, when complete.


  • The Second Stream is a Community Interest Company that is a not for profit Commercial Entity, registered with Companies House. This entity will sell some of the products and services from our current alliance partners and will also work with other organisations such as the Richmond Fellowship and sell and promote their services, but at a small margin.


  • The Third Stream is to offer Business Services and Training to all three Prime Contractors and to carry our any other Commercial services as required by the Local Community. We are in discussions about taking on a Contract from a Major Services Contractor within the Housing area to look after the maintenance and cleaning of one remote site, i.e. 309 properties. Nothing agreed as yet.   


There is NOTHING specifically to assist people particularly within middle and senior management finding themselves unemployed, so I decided to establish one. On the advice on Jane Gould, we have opened the Job Club doors to everyone. The statistics show that 80% of my clients will fall into the 45 year olds to 60 year olds.


Te explain the support team, they are


Steve Dennis, Accountant and Operations Director - Steve and I have worked together over the past number of years

Jane Gould - Director of Development GB Job Clubs  

Victor Momodu - Development Officer Community Barnet Of which we are members

Malcolm Smith - Recruitment & Training expert (Operating a similar operation in the East

Alexis Ufomadu - General Manager North London ITeC.


There are a number of others that will assist with the delivery of products and services. I have given you appropriate URLs should you wish to further investigate these partners. We are putting in place Memoranda of Understandings with the above where most of the above will operate on a Pro Bono basis up and until the end of September, and then should funds be available we would propose to pay the appropriate fees and charges for products and services offered.


We are starting with nothing no funding up to now. This project is being totally funded by me personally


Questions that were asked of us were:


The social problem that you are trying to address through this project?  

 Unemployment, particularly within the key target markets. Unemployment at this age leads to Mental Health problems, Alcoholism, Marital and Relationship Breakdown and a number of other issues coming from the above


How do you think you could have a direct social impact on beneficaries?


Proven success and operation of other GB Job Clubs. Proven success of the programme as delivered by Malcolm Smith (Please refer to the attached PDF files) Certified Training from North London ITeC. By networking with other Job Club leaders, we learn best methods and practice. We have statistics that in one three month period, Folkestone Job Club got 10 people back into work, with a huge impact on these people directly and their wellbeing, as well as their respective families.


How do you know that there is a need for your project (what issues could your project help resolve?


I have spent six months looking for support for myself to get back into work. When I found there was nothing, I decided to establish one.

How do you know that there is a demand for your project (who would be your beneficiaries and who would/could be your paying customers?)

Barnet has the HIGHEST level of inactive over 50 year olds in the Country. Some of these may be the early retired, but many of them are Unemployed and actively looking for work. Specific support statistics will be available once I can get them from Job Centre Plus once the lady I am dealing with once she returns from holidays.


Also, how do you think this could be an enterprising solution to a social problem?  (by enterprising we mean things that are innovative, different and unique but also things which have a business/profit element to them?


The Job Club is FREE to all. I am rather hoping to get a concession from the Library with regards to fees for use of the Library, but if not I will pay for this from my benefit if I have to whilst we look for Grants and Support, whilst we get the Commercial arm off the ground.


There is NO other support out there for the unemployed genuinely looking to get back into work. We will restore self esteem and self worth back into being positive and more active, Tricks and methodologies of CV Writing, Focus on specifics, support areas of weakness, networking and support from and to each other by shared experiences.


Woul;d this type of project fit with your requirements?


Please advise


Daniel R Walsh PhD FInstSMM

Kind regards


Daniel R Walsh PhD FInstSMM

50 Not Out  (Barnet) CIC

Community Interest Company
38, Springwood Crescent
Edgware HA8 8SE

United Kingdom

Telephone +44 (0)845 3881792
Mobile        +44 (0) 7887930 344






Hi John,

The Change Consortium would also be interested in taking part.


Sarah Jayne






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