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We (Creative Arts Therapy CIC or CAT Devon CIC) are slowly establishing ourselves, and we're trying to work out how to have a free registered business address, but which isn't one of our home addresses as these we understand are on public view on Companies House records. We need to have high degree of confidentiality of our addresses, and security at the address that we use for registering the CIC. We're not in receipt of start-up funding yet, and we'll be self-funding much to begin with so free or cheap ideas much appreciated. Thank you. 

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You are right that the registered office address is in the public domain so, if you use a director’s home address, that will be out there for all to see. Two other things to bear in mind: (a) a registered office address must be a full postal address, not a PO box number (the rules state "You can use a PO Box, but you must still include a physical address and postcode"); and (b) anything sent to the registered office address must reach the company promptly and reliably.

There are private outfits that will provide an address for the company, and scan and forward any papers that arrive there, for around £30 pa. You can search for them online. Otherwise is there a local sympathetic voluntary or charitable organisation that would allow you to be legally domiciled at their address? If you have engaged an accountant or solicitor for regular business matters, they may provide a registered office service.



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