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I would like to hear from anyone who has experience of seeking, gaining or being rejected for any kind of performance related loan (i.e. where an investor takes a slice of future income rather than a straight interest based repayment).

What have been your experiences good or bad?
What levels of investment have you received? On what replayment terms?
Have any risk averse directors been swayed by the option and had their fears allayed or proved?
What are the due diligence requirements?

Interested for several reasons, one about seeking it ourselves, two about advising others. In my experience the sector is often risk averse and many are opposed to loans. This this seems like a potential option.



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Hi Gareth,

I've no answers to your question but would also be interested in seeing how this works. I don't fully understand the rules set out in paragraph 6.4 of Chapter 6 in the regulation guidelines. We would like to do issue equity loans but I need to understand what the rules are prior to making offers to people. And what is the process of inviting people? Do you need a solicitor involved? I'll be watching to see if any answers appear to your question.

best wishes


Steve Carney

Origin Energy



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