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New Google Map of Community Interest Companies in Cornwall to be launched soon

Social Traders is creating another map in it's series of Google maps showing locations across the UK by creating a unique map of all 80 registered CICs.  The map is due to go live during May 2010.

Meanwhile take a look at the following:

Have you ideas about how social enterprises can be better promoted?

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I think a consenus needs to be developed on what a social enterprise is and what it is not but not in a way that is a straight-jacket. I am concerened about pseudo-social enterprises developing. So in order to promote social enterprise I think a clear message needs to be able to be communicated to the wider-world and indeed to the political parties. Thoughts?

Hi Bob - we were talking to some researchers the other day who have noticed the preponderance of CICs in Cornwall. I suggested it may be because the Regulator is Cornish but that I suspect not!!





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