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Government have just announced a review of Business Rates. Please contribute directly if you have strong opinion and please also let us know what you think, we'll aggregate responses into our reply.

1. Policy varies wildly, but it can as it is discretionary. But we should have a stable system of application.

2. Levels of understanding are frighteningly low.

3. Local officers often make the decision on financial considerations only, which is a contravention to the process.

Thoughts? The more contributors the stronger the evidence that we do deserve fair consideration in the process, and highlight any common problems.

Ive attached a copy here and you can access it by CLICKING HERE . Page 23 is most relevant to read. Interesting to note the levels of benefit to not for profit etc.

Table 5.B: Reliefs and exemptions

Relief Cost     (£billion) 2013-14 / Forecast (£billion) 2014-15

Charitable occupation      1.44 / 1.46

Small Business Rate Relief (excl. yield from supplement) 1.03 / 1.00

Empty and partially occupied premises 1.03 / 1.03

Retail relief n/a 0.27

CASCs and non-profit 0.05 / 0.06

Other discretionary 0.03 / 0.02

Total 3.59 / 3.84

Source: Department for Communities and Local Government

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