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I don't have time to do this, but someone else might.


Food Donation CIC - a website which combines donating food to Age Concern (for example) with Gift Aid qualifying donations. A bit like virgingiving or justgiving, except it allows you to:-

  1. Donate £x to AgeConcern
  2. Choose which products from Tesco's (for sake of argument) online food shopping Age Concern will buy with your money
  3. Tesco's then deliver them to either Age Concern or to an individual supported by Age Concern
  4. You get a nice Thank You card in the post


When you donate a can of beans to charity, you cannot make the Gift Aid declaration as you are not donating money. When you give money to them, which they use to buy a can of beans, you can make the Gift Aid declaration.

[When you donate goods to a charity shop and they ask you for the Gift Aid declaration that is because they will sell the goods, clearly this will not work if they give the food away.]


There are also many websites which will give you cash back when you shop online (as they get referral fees from websites, amazon etc), mix these business models in and you have a profitable business drumming up useful food & clothing parcel donations for disadvantaged / homeless / older / disabled people.


All food banks should offer this in addition to standing in the shops begging. It also means I don't have to actually carry the cans of beans to my home and then to my work (Discovery Communications does a Christmas food donation drive every year. FIRST CUSTOMER!!!)


Let me know how it goes. I reckon an enterprising web developer could have it running inside a month, all the tech exists it just needs joining up. If anyone works with unemployed IT graduates, a team of those could do it in a week.

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This is desperately sad My idea above will not solve the problem, but it would help a bit.

It would, a smartphone app wouldnt be hard to do and would help make it easy. The technology changes next year to allow cash on phones which will make it even easier. 

Sad indeed. The issue of  poverty was our central focus in 2004, when we warned of potential consequences in a business plan.  We are in the software development business, which supports our social activism. 

The background to this was that in 2003 our homeless founder had fasted in protest for the US government to ratify the International Covenant on Economic Social and Cultural Rights A covenant that Walmart pay big money to oppose for obvious reasons - the article on living wages.  Starting a UK business to tackle poverty was the exit strategy I offered him.

What I'm trying to encourage locally is the development of a food and energy sovereignty network in which supermarkets are displaced.  

Within the context of a post growth local economy, the community funding enterprise I describe could now be a CIC. The aim being to help communities become self sustaining.      


John - Yes of course. Tie in with the bar code scanner and Tesco's app and you're away! Nice thinking.

And would it be easy to have the platform available to all registered foodbanks? ie, to get the gift aid approved if multi-charity participants.

I cant believe im saying it but we're likely to have food banks for years, this would feed more hungry children.

What about approaching VirginGiving or JustGiving to develop it?



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