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Hello all. Just joined. Not sure if this is the right wall? sorry if it's not.

I am setting up a CIC and trying to get everything organised.

Just a couple of questions.

Does anyone know the best bank to get a community account with?

Where can I get help with bid writing? or is it best to pay someone to do it for me? I have a rough copy of what I want to say.

Thank you

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Hi David

There have been a few issues with the subject of bank accounts, we would say look at the Co-op DirectPlus account as it seems the best package but we dont recommend any accounts as we dont get enough positive feedback from any of them! Caveat emptor as they say.

You'll normally have to pay someone to help with bid writing, but you could get people to look at what you've done and give you a little help for free. You can in certain areas apply for funding to help make you 'investment ready, bid ready, etc' but you'll have to google around for it.

For larger more complicated bids it can make sense to get some help, best of luck


Thank you John



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