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If i was to ask an established commercial company to donate their services or products would they get any benefits for donating to a community interest company because i know they get some sort of tax relief when they donate to a charity but is it the same when they donate their services or products to a community interest company i dont want this to be confused with a cic tax relief i know that we operate as a normal company this is why am a lil confused

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I'm not aware of any corporation tax relief for donations to CICs. Have a look at social investment tax relief, although this is only available to individuals and not companies.

Hello James 

thanks for your quick reply after reading both your articles and doing my own research its talking about lending money or buying shares more than products or services. from what I have interpreted corporate companies will still get social investment tax relief and it will be at 30%  

My understanding of SITR is that it's only for individuals (income tax and capital gains tax) and not available to companies.

The benefits for donating to a CIC are widespread, though, even if not directly financial. You could sort out a sponsorship arrangement with a commercial company so they get good publicity for donating to your CIC.



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