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Thanks to  John for the link. 

I am looking for a little guidance, can anyone offer information? .

I am doing the paper work associated with the CIC at this moment in time. I have baulked  at the Article of association on the objects section.  I do know them, but worry I forget something key.      can you get it so wrong? 

I am also setting up myself with no trustees, is that smart? . 

Kind Regard Sylvia  

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As a CIC you would have Directors rather than Trustees though your Objects (and the Powers that flow from them) will most likely describe a charity-like purpose to your organisation (even though you cannot be a charity as a CIC).

It might be useful to see Objects and Powers sections of other people's Articles to guide and inspire - anyone out there want to share some?

Hi - I managed to complete mine with the help of accessing other CIC articles which members of this group kindly shared with me.  I am more than happy to email you a copy of mine.  Best wishes Angie 

Angie - it is so nice to come on late at night and seeing the CIC love being shared, together we ARE stronger!

Hi Angie, my name is Judith Denton and am in the process of setting up a CIC as sole director. The articles of association are challenging me at the moment as I've downloaded the template from the regulators site. Would you be able to email me a copy of your articles, if so the help would be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards Judith

My email address is

Many Thanks

You have to start somewhere. You can do it alone but you will have a harder timer of it, especially as the CIC wont have a track record. What is vital at ther end of the day though, is that you get it how you need it to succeed, whether that's you alone or a room full of directors. You can always add directors as you go, but dont get them just for the sake of it, if you get the right team it'll be worth it.

I can do a telephone call next week if that would help?



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