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I am at the final stage of registering my cic, but i am a little bit stuck with the Article of association, can anyone help, i will be providing legal advice and advocacy for my local community and also working with ethnic minority helping them in securing full time employment

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Happy to help if I can, anything particular as an issue?

The most important early decision is the basic form (Guarantee or Share CIC) - once you understand this you can start with one of the Regulator's models.

John can talk you through the main issues - also you can use my new free web resource to help:

Thanks Goef, for the advice, John was of much help

I  sent out my  documents for the registration of my CIC, my article of association was sent sent back,  can any body please send me a bespoke artcle of association for a company limited by guarantee with small membership, i will be very greatful if anyone can help. My emal is

Hi Connie

Give me a ring and I'll talk you through it, im back from holiday now


Did you start with the CIC Regulator template articles for the type of company you need, would be surprised if they got rejected



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