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I am new to creating a cic currently im awaiting companies house to approve of my cic

while I am waiting I am creating my business plan but I am stuck

this seems like a really silly concern but im unsure as to what I can ask for as start up fees and for future finances 

in order for me to carry out my activities that I want to do I need a space/environment in which I can carry these activities out do I ask for that as my start up I feel as though its asking too much too soon but I do need it

in addition to this how do I set this out on my business plan do I categorise it as building or do I include rent, water, electricity etc if all this is covered in my start up what would I ask for in year 1,2 and 3 do I ask to pay wages and rent I am so confused I am hoping someone can help me and if you haven't already realised I have never done a finance forecast ever

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Hi Bakare

The best thing to do is (dont expect everything to be right first time) list all costs that you anticipate in a 12/24 month period. This is a good place to start: Business plan and forecasting spreadsheet so do your best with a first go and put as much in as possible. 

Plenty of categories so do your best estimating costs and income. After a first draft you you should then ask someone to look it over for you, id be happy to once you have a completed draft.

Just get through the first go, it gets better after that :-)




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