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I am setting up my cic with 5 first directors

my cic is ltd by guarantee with a small membership from what I understand directors are members and vice versa

how do I govern my cic and what do I govern it with directors??? volunteers??? 

how do I go about assigning them roles and what do them roles consist of?

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Right, I think a good read through companies house website would really benefit you.

The template articles of association you submitted with your paperwork to become a CIC have all the basic rules as to how the CIC will be governed. Usually the board vote and agree on which objectives to achieve and who will achieve them.  Directors may deliver the day to day work (executive) or may simply be on the board to advise the ceo/managing director or as a consultant (non exec director)

The roles will be agreed between you, the first thing you need to do is get the group to help you with governance and your business plan. 




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