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Hi, Im in the middle of filling out form IN01 and in Part 4 it asks for Subscribers. Who are these.

I have just set up a forest school (outdoor ed for children) in a local woodland and want to become a CIC so i can apply for grants to be able to develop the company and suppliment the cost so that all families can access the woods. I work by myself.

Really appricate your help. Im sure there will be alot more questions.

Cheers guys.

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Subscribers are the people who sign the memorandum of association and agree to become your CIC's first members.
Thanks James, Why do i need to have members.

Hi Emma

A CIC is a type of company, which (in the simplest sense) is a group of people coming together with a common purpose. Those people are the members, and they control how what the company does and how it is run. You can have just one member, so if it is just you that is running your forest school, then you can be the sole member.



Amazing. Thank you SO much for explaining in simple language.



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