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CIC Insurance

Following a meeting with John Mulkerrin last week, I thought I would blog my thoughts around the meeting and what I can offer my fellow CIC members.


We set up in December as a new venture and a CIC. Becoming a CIC was an obvious way of setting out our values and ethical stance. We have been working with a number of insurers to offer a scheme for CICs. I am pleased to announce that we have a facility with one of the world's largest insurers offering Liability Insurance,…


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EFT for Recovery


See my EFT for Recovery blogpost here



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social enterprises coming out of the public sector...

provocative research finds that public sector workers setting up social enterprises to externalise services face more signficant problems than anticipated

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5 Years of CIC - A Surmise

JMulkerrin at the CIC Forum July 2010 and powerpoint

2500 words and a powerpoint for the more enthusiastic, its as rounded a discussion as ive managed to date and a good read if you want to get a grasp of some of the background thinking.




Good afternoon everyone, welcome to the graveyeard session! Its…


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model articles

Just looking at model arts for ltd by guarantee / large membership and rule 52 is 'exclusion of model articles' and states 'the relevant model articles for a co ltd by guarantee are hereby expressly excluded'.


Can anybody explain what this means - makes me confused!




john whelan

Added by John Whelan on February 16, 2011 at 12:30 — 1 Comment

Big Society

Why do the commentors asume that making profit is bad? CIC's are profit making enterprises, as they should be, otherwise they would not be in business.

The ones that are set up to suck up funding are the ones which have been formed from previous public services as a way of continuing to pay staff out of the charitable purse. Which should never have been allowed but appathy is the greatest scourge of the world today and these things will continue to happen until the appathy ends and…


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Do CICs epitomise the Big Society ideal?

I just wanted to spark a debate...  given today's Big Society rather negative outing in the media, I was reminded how much I felt CICs should at least have a seat at that table.


So, are CICs the missing link in the Big Society?  Or are CICs addressing something completely different?

As they say...  discuss! 


(and if you want to take it a bit further... …


Added by Tom Barnett on February 13, 2011 at 14:00 — 26 Comments

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