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Do CICs epitomise the Big Society ideal?

I just wanted to spark a debate...  given today's Big Society rather negative outing in the media, I was reminded how much I felt CICs should at least have a seat at that table.


So, are CICs the missing link in the Big Society?  Or are CICs addressing something completely different?

As they say...  discuss! 


(and if you want to take it a bit further... …


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Dear CIC Association members

It is with a certain degree of trepidation that I write this email on behalf of John Mulkerrin and myself.

Since we met in May 2008 John and I have committed ourselves to the furtherance of the CIC legislation and community. We are both believers in what CIC stands for and have been spurred on at every juncture by the amazing people we have met along the way who have shared our passion.


CICs and the legislation we are… Continue

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TEMPORARY NOTICE - Please click here to register with the CIC Association.

If you experience any difficulaties please email John Mulkerrin on

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Thoughts on the way to submitting the CIC Association's response to Dividend Cap consultation...

Recently I have been working on the providing feedback to the CIC (Community Interest Company) Regulator regarding a consultation on the Dividend Cap -

The condundrum of enabling private (institutional or individual) investment in to community owned assets has, as you can imagine, arisen as a fairly important element that seems to present itself as a probelm prior to the issuing of fair dividend. Against what is an investment… Continue

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