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Funding Crisis for Social Enterprise continues

The reality is that due to the competitve structure of so many Charity Trading arms CICs and other social enterprise models are in a worse state.

Why? because the message of the CIC model has become confused. Recently a Health Care practice asked for my advice and that of a Social enterprise advisor on what would be their best model for future funding support?

Oh, the start-up grant was there for the CIC, but the model has no extention value if the funding criteria on future…


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Social Outcomes - Localism adds value

The Public Sector measure many of their contract values in terms of price and not impact; to date procurement has settled on best price calculated on lowest price linked to quality.


Lets start by dispelling the a myth and recognise localism isn't just about proximity, the impact and benefits in the local community are critical to the overall value of your response. What sort of things can you…


Added by Mark Trotter on October 2, 2013 at 10:16 — 4 Comments

The Public Services Act 2012

January 2013 is a watershed for social enterprise and community focused service providers because the Public Services Act 2012 created a level playing field for public sector competitive tendering.

Price has been a core driver in procurement for many years, lowest price has appeared to be the key differentiator with SME's and social enterprises struggling to compete with larger employers who draw on economies of scale and multiple contracts to share overheads.

The Public…


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Becoming Tender Ready

For most companies becoming tender ready is a challenge but for CIC's it is an extension of existing practices.


Here's a quick list of things to gather together:


  1. Financial Information - be ready with previous years accounts, company structure and financial controls. This includes past accounts, cashflow forecasts, profit and loss reconciled to a monthly management statement.
  2. Corporate Governance information - structure, compliance and…

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CIC's are winning Public Sector Contracts

Over the last few months I have worked with a couple of CIC's who are now either safely competing on frameworks with local councils or receiving requests for quotes linked to local public sector services.


We have been able to use three key features of legislation to best advantage:

1.  Localism Act - a great tool for specifying benefit to the economy and the supplychain.

2.  Public Services 2012 - this has been an excellent mechanism for preventing LA's from…


Added by Mark Trotter on July 8, 2013 at 18:33 — 3 Comments

Market Share for Social Enterprises in Public Sector contracts set to grow

Isn't legislation wonderful if you can work out how to use it to your advantage!

Changes to specific regulations and new acts of Parliament have made the social benefit and local proximity of a service provider easier to work with.

The expected impact of this for procurement is that local traders will be able to secure more medium value contracts and well structured, test consortia will be able to bid for higher value.


There is a major concern with the buyers -…


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Why CIC's need to compete now for Public Sector Contracts

February 2012 realised a landmark opportunity for CIC's the Public Services Act 2012 recieved Royal Ascent.

This provides clear direction for Public Sector bodies on how to make a community value count in the procurement and service contract decision making processes.


Charitable Businesses have enjoyed many privileges over the years through the community benefit structure of commissioned services however this was lost under the last administration in the way they…


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Securing Public Contracts - CIC's are the future

Who can you trust?

Who really cares?

What difference can one company make?


The public spending deficit continues to concern people all over the world, soveriegn debt is now being passed on to our grandchildren, therefore our generation is in need of a simple solution and CIC's can provide the cornerstone of that solution.

As more and more services are placed in the private and third sectors the public have become aware that they are putting hard earned…


Added by Mark Trotter on December 27, 2011 at 12:11 — 1 Comment


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