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The CIC Dividend Cap Review 2012

Hi All

CLICK HERE for survey

Should we only have one Cap for everything?   A Share Cap of 40%?  Should we allow sweat equity for success? Let the Regulator know your thoughts, it matters to all.

If you havent received your token please email me at with your full CIC name.

Non CICs can access it directly…


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The 2012 CIC Annual Questionnaire

Click Here to take part

Hi Everyone

Please take time to complete the 2012 CIC Annual Questionnaire, its vital we continue to build a clear picture of the great work we do and the collective challenges we face.

We made a great start with the 2011 survey, but this year we will be able to produce a wider report to complement the data from the…


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CIC – The New Nylon?

Interesting times eh? For me December is normally a time for hard reflection on progress made through the year and finalising targets for the next, whilst using the Christmas party season to boost my levels of cheer to compensate for the lack of sunshine. Not so this year, whilst the report on the years achievements and the plan for next years assault on the social economy is safely tucked away, the eggnog just hasn't been able to counter the chill blowing in from the wider economic crisis.…


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CIC Association CIC response to Cabinet Office Consultation Supporting a Stronger Civil Society Nov 2010


A couple of members have asked about this, thought it was easier to put online if anyone wants to comment, we're pleased suggestion 1 is in the mix. (amazing to see the growth in CICs in such a short time!)


Question 10: Do you have…


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Guest Blog - The ClearlySo Social Business Conference 2011

The social business and enterprise arena is often described as the fastest growing sector of the economy. It’s a nice thought if true, but just how big is it? According to government figures there are around 62,000 companies which could be described as social businesses or social enterprises in the UK. This is the figure that’s been routinely quoted for around two years. It is an impressive enough figure in…


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Have your say - The Regulator's technical panel meeting Friday 25th March 2011

Hi Everyone

I'll be attending The Regulators technical panel on the 25th March, please add any comments on the agenda below or email me direct at


We will be asking the Regulator to consider allowing the dividend cap to be set against the transaction price of the CIC share if it gets sold to a second party.







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The 2011 CIC Annual Questionnaire

Here's the link:

Its vital we build a robust and detailed picture of CICs up and down the country, the great work we do and the challenges we face.
We've already had a great response and some interesting information is emerging, help us build the picture and add your voice to the growing CIC…

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5 Years of CIC - A Surmise

JMulkerrin at the CIC Forum July 2010 and powerpoint

2500 words and a powerpoint for the more enthusiastic, its as rounded a discussion as ive managed to date and a good read if you want to get a grasp of some of the background thinking.




Good afternoon everyone, welcome to the graveyeard session! Its…


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CIC can help save Charity 150 million a year in VAT

I can imagine the headline may raise a few eyebrows, but with the VAT increase happening today I thought it made sense to raise the issue again and test the validity of such a statement.  The legislation is open to any individuals/types of organisation to use to tackle particular issues, but organising information thats useful to particular stakeholder groups such as Charities must surely be encouraged, especially in these challenging times.


The …


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CIC Maps Nov 2010


Data sets include:

Regional/Local Authority maps of CICs, how many CICs are in your area, who are they?

Regional creation rates

Lots more functionality to come…


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You should act on this - Chris White’s Private Member’s Bill “Public Services (Social Enterprise and Social Value) Bill

Hi Everyone

There's a private members Bill going through Parliament and it has a second reading on Nov 19th, it needs 100 MPs to vote for it and it will probably have an effect on your CIC in one way or another, so please support it if you can.

I have attached a template letter/email for you to send BillLobbyLetter- CIC Association re-draft.doc if the link…

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The CIC Questionnaire


Here's the baseline survey from last year. We'll be sending out a 2010 version shortly and would welcome any input on what you might like to see included. Most interested to hear from academics and researchers, we intend to integrate with other data sets to upgrade our online functionality. Specifically interested in hearing any comments on which categorisations…

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Dragons' Den CIC confusion ends in walk-out

A socially enterprising sculptor was hit with the wrath of the BBC Dragons this week as he appealed for investment.

Extract '…

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Equity tycoon Sir Ronald Cohen is set to receive more than £10m from the Government and the Big Lottery Fund

Social Finance, the social investment bank co-founded by Sir Ronald, could get as much as £11.25m from the…


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General Update-Meeting with BIS- New media partnership, get your free subscription

Dear Members

Messages to BIS…


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Third Sector News - Duncan Fisher: 'The charity structure does not deliver'

Charities? They're yesterday's news, according to the charity chief executive turned social entrepreneur. Tristan Donovan finds out why

Duncan Fisher already has two charities to his name. In 1994 he co-founded Action for Conservation Through Tourism, now the Travel Foundation, which funds community projects in tourist destinations. Five years later he co-founded the Fatherhood Institute, a think tank that encourages family policy to pay more attention to…


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CIC - The new Mutualism?

Here's an extract from the recent labour manifesto, what do we think?

The new mutualism

There is growing interest in co-operative and mutual organisations that people trust, and that have the capacity to unleash creativity and innovation, creating new jobs and services –…


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