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For most companies becoming tender ready is a challenge but for CIC's it is an extension of existing practices.


Here's a quick list of things to gather together:


  1. Financial Information - be ready with previous years accounts, company structure and financial controls. This includes past accounts, cashflow forecasts, profit and loss reconciled to a monthly management statement.
  2. Corporate Governance information - structure, compliance and responsibilities
  3. Technical information - policies, procedures, systems, supply chain information and standards
  4. Credibility - testimonials, community benefits, value for money and case studies
  5. Images - ensure you have images that cover the cross cutting themes of environment, health and safety, equality and sustainability
  6. Ethical practices and evidence of local CSR


Although not everything you can begin to test the information requirements, add documents where you need to, gather information where you have gaps and develop buyer targeted strategies to create your market edge.

CIC's should be a contractor of choice for councils and health service commissioners so we just need to make it easy for them to notice the bids and responses.

Never lose a tender or contract because you weren't tender ready it will take about two days to get everything in place and then start to test the market place with medium sized contracts, learn from them and grow to the larger tenders.

Good preparation ensures that winning becomes a habit

Need some help with this just drop me a line

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