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Need help please, one year on and need funding!

Hi all,

So I started the company one year ago and it has been incredible. Gone very well. Starting from nothing, literally and end of year was £57,000 with outgoings less. However the organisation has reached that point where it's expand or keep going the way it is. Obviously I want to expand and have some really great contracts on the door steps. Plus the opportunity to move into a new premises that would catapult the organisation into a different world, it would put it up there with some of the biggest organisations in the area.

This is all really good however the organisation needs a good size cash injection. Have no problems going for loans but I as the Director have not got the best credit so automatically chuck that idea out as I believe this would stop me from getting any. I do know about the grant funding opportunities however from what I see it does take some time and most of the grants are targeted towards certain projects whereas I am looking for refurbishment funds for new premises and capital to run the business.

If anybody could point me in the right direction I would be hugely grateful, I am open to all options.



ps The organisation is a CIC Regulated by guarantee.

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