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I set up Swarm Apprenticeships five years ago because I recognised that too many bright youngsters fall through the education system. Now five years later we've just converted to CIC to reinforce our commitment to supporting youngsters who 'don't fit' into employment and training.

We now deliver apprenticeship training to commercial businesses across the UK, with every learner helped to see the difference they make to their employer's bottom line. Apprenticeship training is 90% Govt funded and there is no upper age limit as there once was. We also train owner managers, using Level 5 Leadership apprenticships. Profits are invested in our core mission; to help youngsters find their feet, with jobs and training.

In 2019 I want to see Swarm delivering more training to those running social enterprises. Business skills are important to those working in a CIC, but perhaps in more subtle ways, with a number of stakeholders to satisfy. Are we the only CIC apprenticeship training provider? Does this represent an opportunity? I'm sure folk here will let me know!

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Comment by John Mulkerrin on December 17, 2018 at 22:34


Great to hear your update and congrats on becoming a CIC!

It would be great to have a chat about this as there might be some convergence with a Charity im working with, let me know how you're fixed



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