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Age UK Wiltshire, Wiltshire Blind Association and Wiltshire Mind join forces to form Wiltshire CIC

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“Joined up thinking is the order of the day and we will able to work more quickly, more efficiently and to the benefit of all concerned by pooling our resources.

“There might also be benefits in sharing premises and back-office services and we are looking into that. Times are very tough for all charities at the moment and any economies we can make will be better for all of us."




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Sorry to burst your bubble - but Age UK are already a merger of Age Concern and Help the Aged and have had their fair-share of the pot over the years by duplicating existing services!

It's one thing to have a mutual support mechanism, but all this endless merging of organisations simply because they've had  budget cuts is just too much!

I would prefer to see these organisations become more independant, more creative - and more accountable frankly. Age UK is a very wealthy organisation - and I would have thought that Wiltshire Blind Association would do better by collaborating with other, smaller groups. We operate in Wiltshire and despair of the funding situation but at a risk of being contentious - collaboration should not mean a diluted, unaccountable body. I don't see this as the way forward at all - you have three distinctly different threads of services anyway - so what on earth is your constitution going to look like?

As for the thought about pooling your resources making you more efficient, it clearly hasn't worked with Age UK has it - or they would not be considering further mergers!

There is strength in diversity - but only when each limb has something unique to offer. All this looks like is duplication, duplication, duplication......


Its just gathering the news, I thought they were a federation though so in many ways the activity and responsibility was quite local??


What do you think of our CIC Bond proposals? I think there are a number of ways we can improve the amount of inward investment CICs can attract for the social economy and im keen to hear your opinion on that, especially as it could be used by larger charities to innovate in their field of interest, whatever that may be.

Yes, you're right John, there are still  many groups locally operating almost independently of Age UK but it's a confusing situation that's for sure! When I enquired of their H.O. they said that local groups were nothing to do with the national agenda - but I'm sure the public see them as all the same. It must be frustrating for the staff and volunteers who run them!

What do you  mean by CIC Bond proposals? More detail please!


Here's an old bid to Nesta that was unsuccessful, its just an intro doc but it will show you how some of the thinking has developed.

We have agreed partnerships that we'll be detailing shortly, ive also got some video from last July's Forum where I discuss it in some detail. Lots to do, feel free to get involved :-)




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