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I have just received our entire application back, they state the articles should include a one-member one vote clause and a non-profit distribution clause. I think I have done both. It does look like they haven't read through it properly.

There was one other thing not correct, shall I just resubmit it with the way I had the articles written out?

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hi Hannah - hard to comment to this without seeing the Articles you submitted;

however, if you used the CIC Regulators template Articles with no changes then there shouldn't have been a problem... but it sounds like you've tried to draft something completely bespoke, so you'd need to share here (or with someone directly) what these were to get a view on what it is about them that the Regulator doesn't like (and the best ways to remedy).

Nope, we used the regulators template. I have a feeling they stopped reading the application after one mistake and just assumed.



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