CIC Association

Serving Community Enterprise

All CICs are free to use the two Association logos below.

Non CICs please contact for approval prior to any use. Use of Logos is subject to review and The CIC Association CIC reserve the right to withdraw this permission .

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Great, thanks John.  I'll be putting a bit of work into updating Intentionality CIC's website this week so will have a go at incorporating a CIC Association logo and a bit about our membership of the Association.

Hi John

am happy to display one on our site ... but would want a lower resolution to keep the file size low.  Should be able to do a small one in 10 KB or so.  Is it ok for me to do this?

Will put it on our CIC page - it gets a few visits from people searching on CICs rather than us ...


Thanks , will be adding one to my website.
Thank you for this-

Many thanks John, I will be sure to add your logo to our website.

Best Wishes

Mark Standish


Veterans Hike CIC



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