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Cameron said all that 'the third sector should be the first sector' stuff. I really did believe all that crap."

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Before the last general election Palmer-Roye had helped host a meeting in Sutton at which the then leader of the opposition, David Cameron, outlined his plans to give charities and social enterprises a bigger role in the provision of public services. She said: "I believed it when Cameron said all that 'the third sector should be the first sector' stuff. I really did believe all that crap."

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John, I remember when we had a conversation about 'no more scraps' and also noted your participation in the comments about Big Society Capital.

This is why I thin BSC is founded in dishonesty, it is in denial.


Hi Jeff

Yep, those comments look even stronger now and point out some awkward truths that many are still dodging, especially when you look at what is happening on the ground.

Is SE infrastructure institutionally complacent? 

Re BSC, We'll understand more about the impact they will make over the next 12 months, that none of the £600 million has been apportioned to risk/innovation/seed is the strategy that im struggling to understand. That isnt a question for BSC but for Govt.

John, I'm now convinced that social enterprise was only ever intended as a placebo. For example The SE APPG still refers to 'showcasing' in their purpose and SE UK runs competitions to win PR support.

We don't need drip feeding, we need broadly based support to tackle the poverty that creeps up on us with a million hungty children and closure of Remploy factories.

As someone told me, wisely, from the VC sector, "the thing with social enterprise is that it can only have a small focus, start making bigger plans and you begin to tread on toes"          

As recent conversations have revealed we were stepping on toes in 2004,  where there was a comfortable relationship established between SWRDA, ICOF and RISE-SW.  They had plans for rural broadband funding and we were intruders. Unsurprisingly none of these were willing to offer support.

To a large part of the population, our work describing the inadequacy of capitalism and risk of civil unrest would have seemed ridiculous, but what we were doing was offering a plan to fund social enterprise on a national scale.  Something government had never considered.

We find ourself in competition with public funded organisations who clearly don't want others at the table.

Every support agency I approached referred me on to those I'd already approached and ultimately we left the country, to then ultimately be undermined by UK and US public money overseas in a hijack of our work which left our founder without funds for medical treatment and helped brush thousands of vulnerable children under the carpet.  All that needed to be done was deny the problem, which succeeded until last month when BBC4 broadcast revealed that "Ukraine's forgotten children" was a major social problem.           

we'd been defamed over this for 6 years, driving potential customers away and found no solidarity among our peers. One member of SE UK even remarked that there was a lot of criticism about us on the web.  

I'm angry if it isn't obvious and now recovered from Leukaemia I'm coming for the self-serving like a train.   

Good to hear your feeling strong Jeff!

Whats your plan for 2012/13?

Continuing to fight for the cause of  Ukraine's 'forgotten children', to which our founder gave his all. 

Meanwhile focussing on sustainable energy in my local community.




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