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I have just been the subject of cheque fraud for the third time 2013/2014 and again last week.   

Our CIC34`s and signed accounts are available for all to see online - our signatures too.  Other company formats, can upload their accounts and don`t have to give their actual signatures.

We are sitting ducks putting our signature out there for anyone to see - even more so, that people no longer need to purchase the accounts of any CIC - they are available for free.

Has anyone else been the victim of cheque fraud please and also starting to feel incredibly uncomfortable as to seeing their signatures online?  Even Lloyds bank didn`t accept that we had to do this!  Personally I would like to see all signatures blurred out like Google Earth do with car registration numbers - surely this is possible with today`s technology?

I am writing to the CIC regulator to raise this issue and have just filled in the online survey requesting that we be able to submit online accounts and annual CIC 34`s without the need for our signatures.

I would be interested to hear if yourselves or any CIC you know of has also been victim of cheque fraud please?

I feel extremely uncomfortable, scared and annoyed really that our personal data is freely available for everyone to see!


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Hi Clair

I havent seen mention of this issue before but agree the process does make us a little more vulnerable. It might (hopefully) be an issue where the solution is in the pipeline, it is the case that all CICs should be abl;e to submit accounts online shortly.

In effect we are in contravention of an EU directive that says all companies should be able to file online, I know the CIC Regulator has been working with Company House on getting this done asap, hence the online survey.

It should be as it is for normal LTD companies, you sound like you've had a nightmare so im sure your response will help make sure that is the case. We'll mention it in our response too.

I hope all works out well for you


Hello John,

Thank you for replying.  I notice that the survey was moving towards online submission of accounts, which is something good for the future...

However, something needs to be done for the signatures already online.  I received a copy of the fraudulent cheques today and it is obvious where the signatures came from - our online accounts and CIC 34!

I am writing to the CIC Regulator as I really feel strongly about this issue.  I`ll let you know the response I receive!





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