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Hi Everyone

Attached below is a Member Edition of the 10 year survey of CICs. Over 3% of all CICs replied making it the most comprehensive data gathering of CICs to date.

Thank you all for helping us build such a positive source of data, we are getting stronger everyday


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Survey is excellent. Very useful. Well done.  

thanks for your work in collating all this data John (and others!);

geek-inclined as I am, I just read through it and compared to profiles in the the wider social enterprise sector and few initial 'headlines' that seem to be evident are:

- CICs are more likely to be retail/trading direct the general public

- CICs are more likely to have share capital, which could suggest they're more likely to be led by entrepreneurs from the private business sector, rather than emerging from charities who are thinking about developing trading activities

other interesting comparisons to be had too, but also some interesting cross referencing of the survey data to be done as well in building our understanding of the evolving profile of this part of the social enterprise family

Hi Adrian

Your more than welcome, I was over the moon so many members responded and it does give us some great info to build from. 

*Academic Alert! Even though its over 3% of CICs at the time we are very careful not to say it reflects CIC as a whole, we havent filtered the data whatsoever so we're happier to say it is a reflection of the CICAss members (was told off for doing that last time!). An example is our sample set did have a higher equity ratio than CIC as a whole, we didnt strip anyone out etc,etc.

It'll get better, we've already got a few improvements planned for the next one, one thing im personally curious to trap is where the international CICs are operating in the world.

Funnily enough the ratio has gone down since the previous survey but to speculate the idea of over 700 CICs operating overseas amazes me, and I want to pins in a map!

I would personally agree that there does seem to be an increasing level of what would be termed individual private sector entrants forming CICs, this time we asked if they were connected to other 3rd Sector organisations so we'll improve on that one too.

Having said all thatt, it is a treasure trove on info. One issue we included this time was on the Discretionary Business Rate relief, really awkward subject for CICs and until now we could only point to an anecdotal understanding of the issue. I think now we can show the variance warrants some solution seeking.

I thought the levels of trading figures were high too, maybe CICs that are trading direct with the public are more likely to be members? I hope in wider social enterprise surveys they extrapolate CIC data sets to help build the benchmarks and we can start to rely on it practically.

Im hoping you wont mind when I say us ole timers can remember when we had nothing but fresh air to base our speculation about CICs on, now I have a beauty! 

Page 4 social outcomes, £310k x 12,000 CICs = £3,720,000,000. So, we can say CIC annual social impact is £3.7 billion pounds annually to the UK economy?????????????? ,if no one tells me off i'll start slipping that out :-)



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