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Hi all I'm looking for some advice.
I set up a CIC last May and we launched our first main project in October. The project has grown much bigger than the CIC, is it possible to have the project as a charity but an arm off the CIC. I can't seem to find any information anywhere. Our CIC name is more recognised than the project Name as we use Help4Wales rather than Animal Safe Haven on advertising etc and I want to keep it as a CIC so any advise would be helpful.

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Any particular reason you need to split it off?

The simple answer is yes, a CIC can have a Charity subsidiary and vice versa so you can relate the structures as you want them.



Thank you for your reply. We are finding people are referring to Animal Safe Haven as a charity and we are having to correct them but we don't want to get into any trouble and due to the nature of what we do it's easy to think we are a charity.



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