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As part of our ongoing work to develop products and services for the CIC community, we are pleased to announce the first pilot CIC Bonds, and are looking for CICs who are interested in taking part to register their interest.

You do not have to have a fantastic business plan, but it wouldnt hurt if you do. Key thing is that the community would want to support you, and that you can clearly evidence strong social impacts from any investment/grant.

We are looking for diversity in the pilots,  you would be seeking to raise between 10k and 1 million.

This is a completely new way for CICs to raise funds.


Please email or call 0203 262 3044 to arrange an initial discussion.

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Hi John,

Looking to develop Social Enterprise Craft Breweries throughout the UK supported by National Trust through their supply chain. Attached Brew On business plan to date. Community support for craft beer that does more good than harm? Would add to the diversity! Costs about £100k per brewery including plant and vehicles, with a million that'd be 10. More likely 5 would be realistic, £500k then, percentage of interest paid in beer.

What do you think?



Hi John, We are interested in this.



Croft Tearoom CIC

0208 462 4801

077255 43377


Apologies for being completely dim, but could you describe what you mean by CIC bonds. What are they ?  What are they for exactly ? what are the benefits ? How does it work ?

Hi Adrian


During pre-launch we'll be doing a little pre-screening before disclosing all the information online. Its a simple new way for CICs to raise money, and in a lot of cases will remove some of the barriers to success in securing funding. 


Happy to arrange a call to see if it is relevant for you (please email directly to confirm you want to discuss further), the only pre-requisite is that the CIC involved understands we're working to establish a wider system that all CICs can use and that the process will be very transparent, with a focus on social outcomes (whatever they may be)

Hi John,

I am very interested in this. I am looking for 50k funding to secure prototyping grant for affordable housing modular building system. HOLD Foundation is a unique community focused organisation working in partnership to provide affordable housing, regeneration and  support services. We propose entirely new housing supply model based on  3, 5, 7 and 10 years environmentally responsible lease agreements. Monthly payments are also significantly more competitive than commercial renting or buying with the aid of a  mortgage. With our unique modular system we can meet your personal accommodation criteria.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if I could be any help to support you.



We would potentially be interested in this




James B


Hi James,

Thank you for your e-mail. I am avilible to meet and present objectives for Affordable Housing Model at coveninet for you date and time.

My contact details are: Malgorzata (Gosha) Jacewicz, mobile 07521755088

Best Wishes


Excellent, where are you based?

Hello John


We would potentially be interested in this




James B


Dear John,


Please tell me more and let me know when would be a good day and time to call you for an initial discussion.


With kind regards,


Olu Ajayi


Hi John,

I'm interested in keeping in touch with what is going on rather than having a particular project looking for funding.  I've worked with an number of charities and social enterprises issuing bonds.



We @ NXT GENERATION @ GEDNEY are very  interested in this.

waiting for your reply

miss zoemarie




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