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As part of our ongoing work to develop products and services for the CIC community, we are pleased to announce the first pilot CIC Bonds, and are looking for CICs who are interested in taking part to register their interest.

You do not have to have a fantastic business plan, but it wouldnt hurt if you do. Key thing is that the community would want to support you, and that you can clearly evidence strong social impacts from any investment/grant.

We are looking for diversity in the pilots,  you would be seeking to raise between 10k and 1 million.

This is a completely new way for CICs to raise funds.


Please email or call 0203 262 3044 to arrange an initial discussion.

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Hi John

Get Set Kids would be interested in principle, we're a family community magazine distributed to primary school children and are just thinking of expanding.

Hi John,

You have definitely caught my interest by offering something new that would help our organisation and others like us to raise funds.  Thanks very much, all help is welcome.

My contact details are

07789 425 468


Good Morning John, Iam based in London,E14 8EG limehouse, next to Canary Wharf.


I would like to express an interest - we have set up a care organisation serving rural villages in Mid Norfolk. Based at NR20 3JY




Hi John


You know my views on this.  I would like to help my public health consultancy colleagues at PHAST CIC for whom I did long term consultancy for until the end of 2010. If there is a chance of raising funds here for them, I would like to help them.


Let me know the next steps.


Cheers, Mike

Hello John


I would like to register an interest.  We have set up a CIC called RAISE (Raising Aspirations Inspiring Social Engagement) in Warwickshire.  We're based in Nuneaton and Bedworth and looking to support the local community in projects including those for young people and families and any help with our organisation would be welcome.  We have good links and networks from our community development positions and wanted to do try to do something as opposed to letting all the valuable work that has taken place, fall by the wayside.  We're very passionate about making a difference, even though we know it will not be easy.  Any support would be appreciated.


Julia Everitt

07826 534664

Hi John


We are looking to develop funding of around £15k to promote the business and develop our website to include all forms of home energy products. I have attached our business plan which is being held back due to lack of investment. We are also looking to roll out our service in two other regions in the UK, most probably East Midlands and Manchester who have asked us about our services.

What do you think our chances are?


Hi John,


We are a service for working parents striving to keep fees afforable with all funding cut from the local authority we are fidning it hard.  This certainly has hit us hard, especially as we have a number of special needs children who need additional support.


We are also expanding our service to include training for people working with childcare, another area very hard hit by government funding cuts, we had a contract to supply full qualification training to local authority, totally cut so only training going on is fully funded by student at astronomical costs.


Another area we are expanding into is partnering charity organisations who want to set up affordable nurseries and those who are struggling to sustain themselves.  One project is a University that is loosing money as well as being hit by governemtn cuts, another is a christian organisation wanting to provide a service for children, youth and special needs.


Our services very much help and support the community as childrena nd young people high on people's agenda and are the poeple of our future.


Tracey Foley

Hi John

Can you still be involved in this if you are a CIC Limited by Guarantee?


Many thanks


Michelle Swann


Hi Michelle, you can indeed, CIC Bonds should be something for all CICs to consider if they are trying to secure new funding.

Hi John


We are very interested in this, we have a model and we are currently doing a large piece of wok on social Return on Investment.   We have been looking at corporate finance and social impact bonds so this is right up our street.




Hi John


We could be interested in CIC Bonds please register our interest.




Director - You Can Cook CIC



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