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I'd like to know if anyone else has experienced any problems filing accounts with Companies House.


Last year they gave us access codes to file online- we did that - only to be told that CICs could not file online - we were then presented (after much correspondence) with an invoice for late payment.


This year our accountant filed the accounts on time - he didn't know about the CIC statement. They reminded him, he sent the statement immediately. Because he didn't send the accounts and the statement at the same time they say we have filed late - this time the invoice is for £750.


I despair. It's maladminstration and we are asked to pay the cost.


Does anyone else have tales of woe - or is it just us?

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technically - our european rights are being contravened by us not being able to submit online, which for me is good ground for a challenge on the fine. Im thinking of doing this for all of us, let me know if you want to discuss it sometime next week?


also, would it make sense for your new group and the other anglia group to merge? might get messy otherwise.....


look forward to talking



Hi Trevor,  copy to John


Yes, we are experiencing something very similar, I submitted my account on line and as it was rejected,I rang them and was advised by their staff that they do not know much about CIC regulation but I had to send only a report CIC34 by post. Which we complied on time than I only received a letter by them asking for a Accounts as well and it was sent on the weekend so I tried faxing the account to avoid the deadline but they are still asking for £150 penalty.


I am rather fed up with them as there does not seem to be a trust and respect for CIC company directors and I am finding this quite offensive.


They want me to send them a time of my call and incorrect advise I was given by their staff.


Would like to know how you managed to resolve your problem.



Kamson-Edutech CIC
Exactly the same thing happened to us! I'm planning to appeal . . . 

Hi Trevor


Likewise, we had the same problem last year. It is absolutely ludicrous as it is only a bit of text. But last year we appealed and were let off the hook.

I agree it is maladministration. And actually, if they were challenged, I don't see how they can argue. The paper form actually says "file online by 31st January" so how would anyone know any different.


I really would not accept this Trevor. You need to write and explain the whole thing - and don't take no for an answer because it really is wrong.


kind regards



Had a very similar experience.

first year was most frustrating because we were actually dormant - so busy setting up no time to trade! I was fined because I didn;t return a CIC statemetn that said: We did nothing. And we earned nothing cos we did nothing. So we have nothing to say.

I had assumed this was so pointless that they didn't want me to so it. How wrong could I be?


this year hoped that we would be ale to file on-line but despite them inviting us to file online of course we still can't.

can we campaign to get this changed?

Yes we can, spoke to the regulator about it last week

I love you all - thank you. I've taken it up with my MP and Mark Frisk, the Minister responsible for small business.

I'm glad the Regulator is also aware. It's not just an appeal on my CIC that is needed. We need a clear policy - and if the government is looking to save money they could start by clearing out some of the inefficient bureaucrats in Cardiff.

absolutely, its a contravention of an EU directive, we should be able to submit our required paperwork online, full stop.


This is outside of the Regulators realm, it is a Companies House issue. I said to Sara I will be triggering getting a fine this year, and will take it up with them as a test case kinda thing. It looks like we have plenty of case studies! No idea how long it will take to get any progress, but I would suggest it wont be quick. I proposed to Sara that we develop a online CIC34 at the Association that could be agreed by Companies House.


Best thing to do in the first instance is to contact Companies House and ask them why you werent able to submit it online, and that it was unfair on your CIC compared to normal companies.


Are you happy for me to include your situation  in my communications?

Hi Jane - I don't have much experience of dealing with CH.  However, I heard recently that they are one of the biggest public employers in the UK.  They collect and process so much information but no-one is interested in reading it.  I think they have probably heard that rumour now so they just collect and process information for the sake of it, without stopping to think if there is any point to the exercise!

Hi Trevor /All


Ive spoken to Companies House this morning and am in the process of finding out exactly what the situation is. Ive offered to work with them to solve the issue, and have also asked for confirmation about the validity of late filing penalties which are triggered because of this issue.


It seems they are working toward having all paperwork filed online by 2013, and to some extent I think they have a mind to work to solve it within that timeframe, Ive requested a statement/guidance and will update as soon as I get a response.

Hi John


I also have had this probem - I have an invoice on my desk for £150 for late filing.


I tried to file online and could not - In my rush to ensure I filed by the 31st December I forgot to print and put the Social Statement in the envelope. My accounts were returned with a later requesting the statement...... However the Regulator retained and processed my cheque!


Tony Stephenson

Social Enterprise Projects CIC

I think this is a common problem. We were also fined £150.00 late filing penalty as our accountant did not submit the community statement on the 'right form!' - which is ludicrous!

That's an expensive form....

Don't even bother trying to appeal. I investigated this - and short of your house burning down or a death, there are no mitigating circumstances as it's a strict liability - and they specifically state in the guidelines that your accountant making a mistake does not fulfil the criteria for any appeal. You just have to accept that this is the situation as it stands at present. No one understands the CIC model anyway - including the bank, so in my opinion, the model has failed and I wish I'd started a straightforward limited company. It would certainly have been CHEAPER!




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