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I wonder if anyone in the CIC association has any ideas about my dilema?

I have a very effective new school literacy support programme, and I set up Move4words CIC to provide the programme for schools.

I want to help most in areas of deprivation, and the government uses the percentage of free school meals as a good indicator of educational challenges.


I'd like to set up a pricing structure using a sliding scale based upon the percentage of free school meals in the school, but I wonder if this would be considered discriminatory?

Any ideas or suggestions where I could get this question answered would be much appreciated!

thanks very much

Buffy McClelland

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Hi Elizabeth


Yes it is discriminatory, but in a basic sense all pricing structures are so in that sense discriminating isn't an issue.  


You could for example charge a flat fee to all schools and discount according to % free school meals. Same thing in the final analysis, but it lets you communicate your strategy as something that adds value to children in areas of deprivation rather than a potentially contentious pricing strategy.


You could put this on your annual CIC 34 and list it to the Regulator as one of the benefits you have delivered to your community of interest


You discriminate away, your allowed to! Normal companies work to generate profits for their shareholders first and foremost, you work for your community of interest first and foremost.


Just my humble opinion, in any event I wish you well as improving literacy skills is vital. Having come from a deprived background I know first hand how vital literacy is as a building block to virtually everything else.



Thanks very much John!

Good idea to go the way of flat fee and discount for % school meals. I'm in the process of asking some experts in the education sector, so I'll factor that in, too.

And thanks for the good wishes! I really hope that I can get this programme used widely, as we have fantastic evidence for how effective it is.

best wishes




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