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Any advice on good CRM systems to use - we are a very small CIC but thinking that using a CRM system for our beneficiaries, partners, referrers, volunteers etc would be an efficient way to collect data for social impact reporting.

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Hi Claire,

In terms of social impact reporting have you looked at It's not a CRM and it's in BETA test at the moment but I was eyeing it up for a similar purpose. I was also chatting to the developers of a community news/events platform called to see if they could also add 'impact' posts to that system.

I've seen a version of Zoho 'tweaked' for impact reporting too. I'll see if I can find the details out from one of the Community Foundations.

Feel free to mail me at if you want to feed into those discussions.

Kind regards,



Thanks for your reply Kevin. Actually we have decided we might not be ready for CRM, sticking with Excel spreadsheet! But have had a look at and it looks good if you need to show mainly numbers doing this or that with visual stories. However, I have also found a company called Impactasaurus and we are now developing impact reporting with them (beta). Maybe check them out, they can display radar charts and now graphs from data inputed from various appropriate questionnaires. They are very responsive and collaborative in the development and I'm really impressed with them.

Kind regards


Hi Claire,

Interesting, I've not heard of Impactasaurus before so I will take a look. I'm excited by anything remotely geeky. I'll see if I can join up to the beta testing too. Beta buddies!

Kind regards,


Hi Claire,

Ditto your comment re: responsive. I've been talking to Dan and having a go at Beta Testing Impactasaurus.

Really could've done with this when I was in my last role doing programme delivery over six month stretches (I would've embedded the reviews into Open Badge earns). Would've taken a lot of the leg work out come funder evaluation time rather than fighting with data sets in different places (Google forms).

Can see how this would be a great tool for someone performing a 'Critical Friend' type evaluation role on a grant funded project. 

I know it's retro but I've suggested they have a printable version of the q'nairre for people working in detached settings where IT/connectivity is poor. We even used to have people wanting paper copies of digital badges so it's something we can help them anticipate ;)

Thanks Claire, great find and much appreciated.




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