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Hi - my name is Tim Cooper. I have recently established Communities Insurance Brokers as a CIC to serve the charity, voluntary and non-profit sectors in the UK. We are a bit of a novelty as the FCA didnt know what a CIC was. My background is in commercial insurance broking but this is my first social enterprise. If you need some friendly advise on your insurances, or would like a competitive quotation we would be pleased to hear from you. on 01242 460469 Follow us on Twitter  @comminsureco -

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Hi Tim,

Good for you for setting up as a Communities Insurance Broker. Think it is much needed! 

At NEyTCO we have an arrangement with Morton Michel who are specialists in our field. They provide us with discounted insurance so we have not had to look far - but I am sure there are lots of CIC's and Charities who would welcome your services.



Thanks Catriona - we are having fun helping lots of social enterprises and charities ..... and voluntary groups. We would be pleased to compete when your renewal comes up - you never know just how good value your insurance cover is until you have tested the market. We have some very good contacts and often compete against MM. All the best Tim Cooper - 

Hi Tim. I run a CIC which works with older people with dementia. We are changing our programs this year - as well as working in Care Homes we will be working with clients / cares in their own homes. I would be interested to discuss our insurance needs with you. Email is better for us than Twitter - if you contact me we can arrange a time to speak on the phone. Cheers Tim. 



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