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Donating to a Charity via SMS is becoming increasingly popular.


Does anyone know of a provider offering the service to CIC's ?

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Not many CICs get donations, as there are no tax incentives to give to CICs. I'm sure commercial e transaction service providers will be keen to talk to you about providing services (if you can find some donors!) - but at a price.


Cecile Gillard, Charities / Social Enterprise, Burton Sweet

thanks for that.

There are a multitude of service providers offering the service for Charities, but I've not been able to find any for CIC's.

For charities its a £250 set-up, with the charity receiving 100% of the SMS-donated amount. 

I quite like the idea of SMS donations - easy, simple. Perhaps we'll have to become a charity :-/

You jut need to explain to these providers what a CIC is Adrian! I'm sure they'll take your £250.

thanks for that.

As with many of these organisations speaking to someone residing North of the Equator is a challenge. Most of the sign-up pages don't promote conversation, but simply ask you to fill in on-line boxes.  We've done that, but instead of using a charity number we've put the CIC company number, so we'll see what happens.

I get the feeling the service providers haven't yet caught up with what a CIC actually is :-/



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