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If you have a genuine need for legal help, then you should look at this. CICs automatically qualify as a community group and I can personally vouch for the quality of help you can receive.

Legals is a huge area and we're starting to work on building a centralised system to make it easier to engage with template information thats relevant to practitioners

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Just to let fellow CiC ers know that you can make an application to Business in the Community. So you find you nearest Pro Help group. I am lucky. There is one in Peterborough. Lots of companies have signed up to Pro Help because they want to satisfy the community outreach part of their current remit. Companies who don't give back to the community are becoming less and less acceptable. So there will be solicitors on the list. You fill out quite an involved application form and send it to the person responsible for Pro Help in your locality. So I applied for free IT advice and free legal advice on my temporary lease which would have normally cost me £1200 or thereabouts. So although I won't have a solicitor acting on my behalf, I shall get the advice and raise the necessary questions and issues. I shall most likely get the IT advice I need too.

To let you know as well that there may be a Corporate Social Responsibility Forum in your locality. We have a forum called Side by Side. The big corporates are members and you can submit applications for funding to them. So there are 2 formal channels to get local help or funding. I shall let you know my progress



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