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Ok I have said it.


Steve (thats me) is new to CIC world but has been a trustee of a number of charities. I also ran my own business before an acident in 2000 whcih meant a long road to recovery.


Since the accident I have not been able to work although I have skills I can use whilst lying down in bed. 6 years ago I started studing with the OU and at that time tried to get work. With no employers wanting to employ me to work from home I was left with only I way out, work for myself. Unfortunatly 4 years on benifits and no cash ment I could not set up to work for myself from home. Thye equipment I need would have been supplied to an employer for me but not to me as a self employed person.


After 3 years of 'friutless' going round in circles with the DWP and several of the 'service' providers they use I was left with the statement. 'I am sorry there is no help we can give you, you are just unemployable due to your disability.'


It was then the idea to set something up that could help myself and people like myself to be able to get the help we needed. So 3 years of research and learning later, a lot of bisiness link courses and 3 in biz advisors on and we finally got the cmpany registered on the 18/06/2010.


That, of course, was the easy bit! now comes the real hard work!! With my wife and 2 other directors we are now embarking to move things along. it will still be 6 to 9 months before we start our real work and we need a HR person and someon to help with marketing but we are putting things together that will cost us little or no money using the skilss we intend to market to do so.


The long term aim is to make it possible for people to slid out of the benifits system into a small business of there own working from home but with the backup support of others doing the same thing. Working in effect as a coopritiave group so sickness and holidays can be covered.


At the moment this can be done over a year but for many this is not a realistic time period for them to get a business running. We are working to get support for people over a longer period of say 3 years so they can increase there business at a managebale and pritical rate.


Still enought about me and what I want i will be intrested in finding out what others are doing.


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